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Sudoku by Acropa

The full version of the ultimate Android Sudoku is now free, supported by non-intrusive advertising (will display one ad at start up, or new game, ad-free while playing the game.)

 Acropa’s talking Sudoku is simple and elegant, yet it contains the most powerful Sudoku engine on any platform, with 21 playing levels of auto generated, and unique puzzles.

» Acropa Sudoku makes extensive use of Long touch (touch and hold, long press), please read the help to fully utilize all the features

√ Three games in one: Numeric (standard), Alphabetical, and Symbolic (you can play the same puzzle in any of the above game types)

√ Billions of Auto Generated unique puzzles, created faster than blink of an eye

√ Easily toggle highlight between single digit, and row/column/box

√ Intelligent cells, keeps track of your touches, locks correct answers (requires two touches, to enter values), simply touch and hold a cell to clear…

√ Customize the puzzle grid with Millions of color possibilities, Gradients and shapes in your live puzzle

√ Font support including Hanzi, Hangul, Hiragana, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Devangari, Tamil, and Bangali.(The game is in English, only the puzzle fonts are internationalized.)

√ Sudoku Solver to enter puzzles from various sources, or to create your own puzzles with auto notes, commit and play or solve immediately

√ In-Game help function: Just touch help, then any button

√ Speech or Melodic key click sounds with ability to mute

√ Three note levels: manual notes (with auto update option), auto-single notes or auto all notes

√ Three levels of Error checking

√ Two input methods, digit first then cell, or cell then digit with smart touch twice feature

√ Keyboard, trackball and DPAD support

√ Answer mode, solves a single cell

√ The ability to save/delete/replay and name puzzles at multiple stages of the game

√ Share puzzle in progress or blank puzzle via email, Bluetooth, mms or any file sharing app

√ No statistics to clutter your device’s memory (With over 9 Billion possible puzzles, no two Sudoku’s are identical to make statistical sense)

√ Total removal of ads to conserve power, and limit data usage


» All puzzles and settings are auto-saved on Exit

» Optimized to fill the screen in all resolutions, and keep the status bar on, if possible. Excellent on both Tablets and Phones, supports Android Version 2.0 to 4.2+

If you dislike advertisements in your apps, please consider downloading the paid version of Acropa Sudoku.

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All permissions are used only for targeted advertising.



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